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Discover the perfect blend of softness and durability with Anmol Polymers' tissue chemicals. Designed to meet specific quality and softness needs, our solutions ensure superior performance for both soft and hard tissues.

ANMOSUPER–PAE is a high-efficiency, non-formaldehyde-based cationic wet-strength resin effective over a pH range of 5.5 – 8.5. Anmosuper PAE is a wet-strength resin based upon the third generation of polyamine polyamide epichlorohydrin and it is highly effective in imparting the wet strength and dry strength to various grades of tissue products. It is an eco-friendly product with low AOX content.

ANMOSOFT SC is a Yankee coating adhesive specially formulated for providing a soft coat on the yankee dryer. This product is based upon the latest chemistry for Yankee coating.

ANMO RELEASE, this product is specially formulated to control the release of the sheet from the Yankee dryer. This releasing agent is applied with a spray boom.

ANMO ALKOX is a highly specialized retention and dispersion aid specially designed for various varieties of tissue paper and newsprint paper. This product is used where the deformation of paper is of prime importance, along with the retention. We can supply the product with different properties and molecular weights as per the application and customer's requirements.

What is looked for in the tissue that touches a delicate person's skin is flexibility and smoothness. To soften paper, we have developed a new type of softening agent. Anmoflex Unicol SB-2 is a new paper additive that improves the quality of paper and makes facial tissue and bath tissue comfortable. Anmoflex Unicol SB-2 is a new paper additive with cationic properties that make it possible to stay on the fiber of paper. Then, it gives softness to the fiber of the paper and improves the surface of the paper.

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