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Strength Additives

Step into the world of advanced pulp mill solutions with Anmol Polymers. We offer an exhaustive range of carefully designed chemicals that will optimize the process of converting raw materials into pulp.

SUPERBOND-FMP (C) is a long chain synthetic polymer. The polymer-isation is controlled and restricted to get the product which gives extra stiffness smooth, surface, and better strength properties for paper. SUPERBOND-FMP (C) is unique in its strong hydrogen bonding, linearity, and very high molecular weight.

Anmosuper BFB is a specially formulated cationic resin that increases the dry strength of various papers. This is especially suitable for increasing the physical strength properties of Kraft papers, tissue papers, and writing printing papers.

ANMOSUPER–PAE is a high efficiency non-formaldehyde based cationic wet strength resin and it is effective over a pH range of 5.5 – 8.5. Anmosuper PAE is a wet-strength resin based upon the third generation of polyamine polyamide epichlorohydrin. It is highly effective in imparting wet and dry strength to various grades of tissue products. It is an eco-friendly product with low AOX content.

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