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Unlock the full potential of your paper machines with Anmol Polymers' comprehensive range of machine chemicals. Our meticulously formulated solutions, including defoamers, biocides, and felt washing agents, are designed to enhance operational efficiency, maintain equipment health, and ensure consistent high-quality paper production. Experience seamless machine performance and superior product outcomes with our innovative chemical solutions.

Ragol Biocide is a slimicide specially meant for the pulp and paper industry. It is a non-oxidizing biocide based on mixed chemistry. With the use of this slimicide, slime spots in the paper are eliminated, and bacteria generation, i.e., bug count, is brought to the desired limit. The foul smell due to the presence of bacteria, fungus, and Sulphur can be greatly reduced.

ANMOFOAM-SID (Wash Aid) works as a defoaming and antifoaming agent in the pulp washing system. WASH AID (ANMOFOAM-SID) is a silicon-based defoamer that can be easily diluted online and offline. It helps in improving the productivity of the wash plant. It has been specially formulated to take care of downstream problems of pitch etc. Anmofoam-SID (wash aid) is highly insoluble in the foaming water medium. It spreads very rapidly on foamy surfaces as tiny droplets. Defoamer has an affinity to spread air-liquid interface, and this is the cause of the collapse of surface foam.

ANMOSUPER-DIF is a specialty chemical containing fatty acids for cleaning felt, wire, and rolls. It improves the life and workability of wire and woolen synthetic felts, pipelines, etc. It also helps keep the rolls clean in the press section.

ANMO–DETACKIFIER is a specially designed product to take care of troublesome stickies associated with the use of secondary fiber. Stickies cause a lot of problems during the process of papermaking. Presence of stickies results in loss of production and in the production of sub-standard quality of paper. Stickies also result in problems at printers end and during conversion of paper.

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