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Experience the versatility of Anmol Polymers' specialty chemicals. From opacity enhancers to anti-cracking agents, our tailored solutions optimize material properties and promote sustainable practices in paper production.

ANMOSUPER–PAE is a high efficiency non-formaldehyde based cationic wet strength resin and it is effective over a pH range of 5.5 – 8.5. Anmosuper PAE is a wet strength resin based upon the third generation of polyamine polyamide epichlorohydrin and it is highly effective in imparting the wet strength and dry strength to various grades of tissue products. It is an eco-friendly product with low AOX content.

ASAHIGUARD E-060 is a new fluorinated oil and grease-resistant agent for paper and paper boards. ASAHIGUARD E-060 imparts excellent oil, grease, and water resistance properties to paper and paper board

UNICOL SB is an anti-cracking agent meant for size press and wet-end application. With the use of this chemical in the size press along with size press formulation the cracking of the paper can be avoided / eliminated. With this chemical the starch dosage can be increased considerably.

This product based on engineered silicates is effective in enhancing ‘opacity’ in Paper if used in wet-end, Size Press or Coating. It is a part replacement for Titanium Dioxide.

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