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Step into the world of advanced pulp mill solutions with Anmol Polymers. We offer an exhaustive range of carefully designed chemicals that will optimize the process of converting raw materials into pulp.

Specially designed to improve wash plant efficiency by eliminating unwanted foam and air. ANMOFOAM-SID (Wash Aid) works as a defoaming and antifoaming agent in pulp washing systems. WASH AID (ANMOFOAM-SID) is a silicon based defoamer and can be easily diluted online and offline. It helps in improving the productivity of wash plant. It has been specially formulated to take care of downstream problems of pitch etc. Anmofoam-SID (wash aid) is highly insoluble in the foaming water medium. It spreads very rapidly on foamy surfaces as tiny droplets. Defoamer has affinity to spread air-liquid interface and this is the cause for collapse of surface foam.

Anmopulp AQ is unique combination of speciality surfactant and dispersed Anthraquinone acting as a pulping catalyst. It has been found to be highly effective in soda, sulphate and neutral sulphite pulping of agro residues and that of soft and hardwood. Anmopulp AQ is known to increase the rate of delignification, enabling a reduction in pulping time, temperature, or chemical charge and an increase in pulp yield. It also stabilizes the carbohydrates chain and thus results in increased yield of the pulp and reduction in extractives.

RAGOL-120 is a bleaching agent meant for reducing the chlorine and chlorine dioxide consumption in a bleach plant. It is specially formulated product with strong oxidizing power, with its use hydrogen peroxide can be eliminated from thebleaching sequence and reduces the consumption of caustic during bleaching.

BIOPULP (P) is a liquid thermostable alkaline hemicellulose (xylanase) enzyme for use as a bleach boosting agent in the paper and pulp industry. It is used to improve the bleach ability of bamboo, Softwood, Hardwood & Kraft pulps at high temperatures alkaline pH. The enzyme is produced by a selected micro-organism with high activity hemicellulose (xylanase). It has specificity towards surface Xylan over the digested fibers. The bulk xylan remains intact after treatment of pulp withBIOPULP (P) bleach boosting enzyme.

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