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Anmol Polymers stands as a beacon of innovation and excellence in the specialty chemical industry, setting unparalleled standards with its global reach and unwavering commitment to quality.

Our journey is defined by a legacy of pioneering breakthroughs and fostering enduring partnerships worldwide.

With a relentless pursuit of excellence, we continue to lead the way, driving innovation and delivering unparalleled value to our clients across borders.

Arvind Kumar Sharma
Managing Director

Industries We Serve


Anmol Polymers offers top-quality chemicals tailored for writing and printing paper. Our solutions ensure smooth production processes and impeccable print quality for various applications.


Our Kraft paper chemicals are meticulously formulated to enhance the strength, durability, and aesthetic appeal of Kraft paper products, meeting the diverse needs of manufacturers.

duplex board

Elevate the performance of duplex board with Anmol Polymers' specialized chemicals, engineered to optimize strength, brightness, and printability for superior packaging solutions.


Enhance the softness, absorbency, & strength of tissue products with our specially formulated chemicals, designed to meet the stringent quality standards of the tissue industry.

Explore Our Offerings

Pulp Mill

For pulping of wood and agricultural

Stock Preparation

For preparation of stock for
paper machine.


Catalysts for enhancing various process in pulping & paper making.


Chemicals to enhance properties of soft and hard tissues.

Speciality Chemicals

Specialized additives for enhanced
paper production.

Water Treatment

For treatment of raw water and effluent.

Our Eco-Promise

Anmol Polymers' Pledge For A Sustainable Future

We believe in actions, not just words. Our commitment to sustainability is reflected in tangible results and our relentless pursuit of improvement.

From research and development to the manufacturing floor, we're driving innovation, continuously optimizing our processes, and embracing responsible practices to minimize our impact and create a greener future for the pulp and paper industry.

10,000+ trees planted
and counting

Partnering with reforestation programs to offset paper usage and promote healthy ecosys-tems.

20% increase in the use of recycled content

Anmol Polymers has embraced a circular economy through waste reduction and sustainable material choices

15% reduction in water usage per ton of paper produced

We have optimized processes and water-saving technologies to conserve this precious resource

30% reduction of waste generated in our processes

We have implemented waste minimization, recycling, and responsible disposal strategies in our manufacturing processes

Our Global Presence

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Catalysts in chemical reactions, enzymes optimize processes in specialty paper production and water treatment, enhancing efficiency and sustainability.

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Tailored for specific applications, specialty paper offers unique properties like strength, texture, and printability for diverse industrial and artistic uses.

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Water Treatment

Employing various techniques, water treatment purifies and reclaims water for reuse, ensuring environmental protection and sustainable resource management.