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Coating Chemicals

Step into a new era of paper coating with Anmol Polymers. Our specialized coating chemicals enhance the tactile feel and functional properties of paper, meeting the demands of modern paper manufacturing with precision and quality.

ANMOSUPER 944 is a specially hydrolyzed grade of polyvinyl alcohol that imparts a smooth coating film in a size press or offline coating machine. Anmosuper 944 is nonionic and compatible with oxidized starch and other coating ingredients. Anmosuper 944 gives smooth surface properties and works as an extender to reduce costs by partially replacing costly chemicals like fluoro chemicals.

Specialized lubricants to enhance paper machine efficiency and coating quality.

CMC i.e., Carboxy Methyl Cellulose, is a derivative based upon cellulose. It is available in different degrees of substitution. This product is used for many purposes, mainly as a constituent of binder in paper coating. This product is also used to increase the strength properties of paper.

DOMICOAT liquid is a clear alkaline solution of stabilized ammonium zirconium carbonate containing anionic hydroxylated zirconium polymers. It is an effective crosslinker and insolubilizer. It aggressively reacts with most functional groups of latex as well as natural-origin polymers that are used as machine-curing cross-linking agents.

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Equipped with state-of-the-art dosing equipment, we precisely calibrate materials for optimal efficiency and accuracy in production processes, ensuring superior quality outcomes.

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