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Anmol Polymers offers advanced de-inking solutions. Our specialized chemicals, including DI soaps, surfactants, and enzymes, are designed to effectively remove ink, producing cleaner and brighter pulp. Enhance the quality and sustainability of your recycled paper with our innovative de-inking technology.

ANMOSURF is a specialty chemical soap-based ink collector for flotation deinking systems. Compared to conventional soap, this chemical's consumption will go down by 25-30% while still giving the same performance. Doses can be optimized through plant trials.

Anmopulp is a surfactant-based product that is used to improve the absorbency of absorbent kraft. This product is unique in its action and helps the paper maker achieve the desired absorbency of the kraft paper in terms of its COP value and Klemm value. This product is added either in the machine chest or the blending chest before paper making.

BIO-DEINK-DP is NOVOZYME'S enzyme for use as an environmentally friendly enzyme-based deinking agent in the paper and pulp industry. It is essentially a specific blend of enzymes.

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