Wet End

Wet End as you know is the heart of the paper plant where various chemicals are used to impart different characteristics to the paper. We offer a whole spectrum of chemicals both functional as well as performance to mills based upon wood fiber, agricultural residues fiber as well as recycled fiber. Details follow.


AKD is free flowing white colour emulsion of Alkyl Ketene Dimer wax. Due to problem of ageing in paper and increasing demand for Calcium Carbonate loaded papers, R Size 15 is the best solution. With the use of R Size 15, sizing can be carried out in pH range of 7.0 to 8.5.

Cationic dispersed rosin size designed for efficient sizing in all pH conditions upto 6.8. Compared to competitive cationic rosin sizes, Anmocatsize is the most efficient rosin size available in 6.0 to 8.0 range with or without CaCO3 containing furnish. Incorporation of an additional charge donor, e.g., cationic starch and/or retention aids, at near neutral pH is beneficial.

This is a dispersed Rosin emulsion with a very high free Rosin content It can be further diluted to required concentration before addition to stock.

This is highly efficient fortified rosin soap. It is supplied in a ready to use form. It can be advantageously used under acidic pH to Size all grades of paper e.g. packaging and printing & writing papers . Desired degree of sizing can be achieved in Kraft box-boards, Duplex Board and other writing and printing papers at a very lower dosage of application of ANMOSIZE –50 as compared to normal Rosin size. ANMO SIZE –50 is gel free, does not stratify during storage, and is easily pourable at room temperature.


DSR is long chain synthetic polymer. The polymerization is controlled and restricted to get the product which gives extra stiffness smooth, surface and better strength properties to paper. This unique in its strong hydrogen bonding, linearity and very high molecular weight.


This is a high efficiency non-formaldehyde based cationic wet strength agent and it works under a wide pH range.It imparts dimensional stability in the fibre while eliminating curling problem at the same time .


Retention Aid (Powder) is specially a Flocculant and Retention Aid used in Pulp & Paper Industry to improve the first pass retention and fibre saving in krofta applications. It can be modified as per specific requirements of system and it can be modified to suit the conditions of particular mill.


This is a speciality chemical developed to improve the fixation of AKD in Cellulose Fiber. This product crosslinks Hydroxy group of Alkyl Ketene Dimer Emulsion with Cellulose resulting in efficient sizing. R Fix helps to control the anionic trash in paper.


This is a specially designed product to take care of troublesome stickies associated with the use of secondary fiber. Stickies cause lot of problems during the process of paper making. Presence of stickies results in loss of production and in the production of sub-standard quality of paper. Stickies also result in problems at printers end and during conversion of paper.