Pulp Mill

We are offering a number of chemicals for pulp mills based upon wood / bamboo as well as based upon agricultural residues. These chemicals are functional chemicals that help in reducing the pulping cost as well as in improving the productivity. The details are given below.

This is unique combination of speciality surfactant and dispersed anthraquinone having synergistic effect in pulping process. It has been found to be highly effective in soda, sulphate and neutral sulphite pulping of agro residues and that of soft and hardwood. With the use of this cooking additive, a considerable reduction in the cooking chemicals can be achieved. The use of this cooking additive also results in increased pulp yield and reduced level of stickies at a particular degree of cooking.

This is a speciality chemical developed to improve liquor penetration in the chips during cooking by way of wetting mechanism. It works on surface wetting principle and modifies viscosity of cooking liquor. It improves strength properties by loosening of resinous materials in wood chips. In addition to removing the resinous material during cooking, it also helps in keeping the remaining resinous material in emulsion form and thus prevents their deposition on the wire, felt screens and other process equipments.

Pulp wash aid

This product works as defoaming and antifoaming agent in pulp washing system. WASH AID (ANMOFOAM-SID) is a water based defoamer and can be easily diluted on line and offline. It helps in improving the productivity of wash plant. It has been specially formulated to take care of downstream problems of pitch etc.
All ingredients in this product comply with FDA Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR # 176.200 for indirect food contact and are also suitable for kosher & Halal Dietory Requirements.


This enzyme enhances the refining of bleached kraft, sulfite and recycled pulp. Fibercare-DR reduces the specific refining energy required to deliver or exceed paper quality and performance targets.


This is a liquid thermo stable alkaline hemicellulase enzyme for use as a bleach boosting agent in the paper and pulp industry. It is used to improve the bleachability of Bamboo/Softwood/Hardwood/Agro pulps at high temperatures. The enzyme is produced by use of a select micro-organism with high activity hemicellulase (xylanase).