Anti-foaming agents that reduces and hinders the formation of foam in industrial process .


This is a novel defoaming and deaerating agent to control the foam on paper machine. Due to its unique effectiveness in Acidic, Neutral and Alkaline pH, Defoamer – SI 99 is the first choice of paper makers.


This is a defoaming agent specially meant for Effluent Treatment Plants, it is effective in acidic, neutral and alkaline pH.

Pulp wash aid

This product works as defoaming and antifoaming agent in pulp washing system. WASH AID (ANMOFOAM-SID) is a water based defoamer and can be easily diluted on line and offline. It helps in improving the productivity of wash plant. It has been specially formulated to take care of downstream problems of pitch etc.
All ingredients in this product comply with FDA Code of Federal Regulations 21 CFR # 176.200 for indirect food contact and are also suitable for kosher & Halal Dietory Requirements.